Tony Camm-produced "Dishing It Out" has huge radio debut.

"Dishing It Out", the new radio show created by Tony Camm, about "food and girl talk" debuted last weekend on Tony Camm Radio on the platform with over 6,000 listeners and rave reviews.

Taped in Lynchburg, VA., the talk-formatted show features five women, Keisha Bowling, Kentonna Smith, Dee Lewis, Jacqui Camm and Diva Yassin, sitting around the dinner table enjoying some food and some lively conversation that ranges from funny to serious to controversial and informative.

The show's Facebook page has been flooded with topics for the group to tackle, from both women and men.

Camm, who also produces the show and is the only male present at tapings, is both "entertained and informed" by the dialogue that takes place and is "very encouraged" by the show's enormous response.

The show tapes on Tuesdays with new segments put into rotation every Wednesday.

If you miss a show, no need to worry, after their debut all shows are uploaded to the show's podcast for on-demand listening and downloading.

You can listen in to "Dishing It Out" 24/7 on Tony Camm Radio at and on the Radio434 phone app.